Determining the Value of Bokhara Rugs

Being world famous for its elaborate design and rich appeal, Bokhara rugs have managed to create their own market. In fact, they are well famed for hand knotted design that has attracted a lot of people in the world. Bokhara is a city in Uzbekistan, which is famous for trading of such rugs. Generally, it is said that these rugs are manufactured in Bukhara; while, the reality lays behind the fact that it is a specialized type of rug that are created by Tekke tribe in Central Asia. As the history talks, the Tekke tribal rugs were mainly traded in the Bukhara city; due to which such rugs have got the name of the city. 
What is so attractive about these rugs is that they are created with rows of guls and have surrounded geometrical patterns. It is these patterns that have lent vivacity to these rugs. Falling on the creative side, these rugs have managed to gain attention for its beauty and sheer fineness. There are numerous types of geometrical patterns used for uniqueness and is decorated with intricate patterns on the borders. Everyone is aware of the fact that rugs have managed to create a special place in everyone’s home because of their majestic beauty. They are available in different shapes and sizes, making them eligible to be placed at any place in the home. And their value is determined from the type of intricate design created on the base fabric. 
The popularity of Bokhara rugs has increased to a large extent and many other countries have started manufacturing these rugs for sale. From square shaped carpets to foot mats and even corridor mats in rectangular shape, these rugs have won the hearts of many. A symbol of royal excellence, Bokhara rugs have created a global market for them. Indeed, these rugs are available in a variety of shades like the dark ones, light shades or even white base. And the work done on them is exactly contrast as compared to the lighter base. This is the reason that beauty of the pattern is highlighted. A variety of creative patterns are utilized to beautify you homes. 
Certainly, hand knotted hunting rugs and carpets are gaining extreme popularity because of their intricate design and use of dark shades over the lighter base. Traditional in nature and artistic in style, these rugs generally showcase the hunting process of a king as well as his troops in action. They are available online and allowing effortless shopping for the art lovers. What has added to its popularity is the price that is slight less than the local market showroom as online stores happens to provide extended discount to the people. This is the reason that people find it easier to buy such rugs online; rather than roaming around for them. Available in a variety of color combinations and patterns they are considered apt for adorning any part of the home; be it lobby, bedroom, or verandah.

Carpet flooring- touch of homeliness and comfort to new home

It is a thing of joy to walk on plush carpeted floors instead of cold tiles. Adding that much needed touch of homeliness and comfort to each new home – or a little extra life and color to an existing interior décor – carpet flooring is almost always a good decision. What few people are aware of though is that it is also one of the most crucial decisions concerning the life and maintenance of your home. If you think you can just walk into a store and pick a color off the rack and tell the salesperson to install it for you the coming week then high chances are that in the near future, you won’t be too happy with your purchase.

Brown Silk & Wool Hand-Knotted Carpet

Though color, finish and texture are essential as you hope to live with a specific carpet flooring for a considerable amount of time, factors like maintenance and carpet weave construction play a great role in the decision making process. There are firm and tightly woven surfaces which are easier to keep clean (longer lasting yet less gentle on bare feet), soft and plush carpets which are ideal to use in parts of the house where footwear is usually left out or where you tend to floor-sit, and lastly of course decorative carpets or carpet panels especially for use in drawing and dining spaces to accent colors of the wall or the furniture and add a little ornamentation.

How much ‘bounce’ a carpet gives your stride and how pliable it is depends on the weave of the strings and the material the strings are made off. For example tightly hand-knotted weaves from India are ideal for flooring where decorative patterns and long lasting surfaces are priority over luxuriant soft textures. Meanwhile if comfort is what you are looking at – especially in spaces like bedrooms and personal studies – the best would be hand-tufted carpets which provide just the right deal of spring for your feet.

Keeping them clean and dust-free is naturally of utmost importance, but what few people consider are the fibers that come loose from the carpet flooring itself. It is recommended that you buy carpets made and colored with natural fibers and dyes which are always softer on your skin, and be sure to check the density of the string as well. As far as the life of carpet flooring goes the primary issue which concerns wear and tear is the opening out of the carpets weaves, especially in the most frequently used paths and at the feet of couches and chairs.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten color and style – we just thought we’d finish off with the dull necessities first. Now naturally color is a personal and subjective decision that only you can make, but when in doubt stick to the classics and you can’t really go wrong –warm shades of reds, oranges or greens for the living and dining spaces with panels of lavish decoration and cool blue pastels and teals for inner more private areas. If you want to combine function and color, take slightly darker shades in recurrently used walkways to mask the eventual but inevitable abrasion and change in coloration.

It’s not only about how great your feet feel – your carpet floors can be styled to accent the color of your walls and furnishings, they’ll soften every slip or mistaken fall, act as noise buffers and minimize echo, and even trap in its intimate weaves particles of dust to considerably improve the quality of air.