Best Carpets In India- Designed to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds of velvet

best carpets in India

In perfect alignment with the countries myths and legends, India embodies within its very veins a multitude of thriving artisans and craftsmen. Rugs, carpets and durries that are born of this country are deeply rooted in its rich cultural heritage and speak of times long gone as if they happened just yesterday; of gods and beasts like they still live amongst us.

The best carpets in India originate from the handicrafts that were developed during the Mughal era, ingrained with Persian carpet traditions from Central Asia. The part that is most fascinating though is the fact that these carpets – the most famous being high density hand knotted ones – utilize distinctly Indian motifs, ideas and themes to exhibit a Persian style of rug making. Highly symmetrical and elaborate patterns derived from Mughal and Mongolian architecture (especially screens, windows and inlayed gems) are an integral part of the designs of the best carpets in India, but these borrowed elements are used in rhythmic congruence with Indian motifs.

The finest and best carpets in India are woven, tufted and knotted with delicate and refined wool, designed to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds of velvet. In all of the orient, Indian carpets are considered the most valuable; each square inch of ornate material fastened with as many as two thousand perfected minute knots of contrasting colors. There is no doubt about it, the high density hand knotted carpets are the best carpets in India – they are durable, stunning and exotic.

best carpets in India

The dispositional harmony in these patterns draws attention to it when it’s the part of an interior of a room, yet blends in and accents its surroundings with sophistication. What’s more, you can always find one that suits the style and aura of your house – owing to the introduction of current designs along with the imperial antiquity. Ornate and lavish surfaces for living areas with drawn out panels of regal and stately hunting scenes in straight contrast with luxurious expanses of color and fluff for the spaces that are privy to you – everything you have ever dreamt of in carpeted flooring can be yours.


A part of the Shree Textile and Carpet Mahal based in Jaipur that cater exclusively to tourists, we bring to you, the ideal place to fulfill all your carpeting needs, whims and fancies! Hand woven, knotted or tufted, the best carpets in India will be delivered right to your doorstep. Making it even better, you have the opportunity to be fashionable, sentimental and personal. While it has been established that each carpet narrates its own tale, even from far away we make an effort to make you a part of the process as far as we can. Adding to the flexibility of the use of each carpet is the fact that you can design your own! Choose the size, style and shape and your rug will be custom made to order. High thread counts, printed silks, woolen tufts that feel like the softest satin – nothing is better than a royal Indian carpet to command the room and make an impact.